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My goal as a healthcare professional has been to provide exceptional care, while also delivering an experience that inspires continued dental health. We take great pride in being educators and have treated a wide array of patients, ranging from celebrities in need of a camera-ready smile to patients who have had their very first dental visit with us! You will experience the highest standards of professionalism, dental technology and techniques. We will also strive to offer care that’s conservative and accommodating to each and every patient. Whether it’s through modern dentistry or simply the way we interact with people, I hope you will gain the confidence to put your health in the hands of our well-qualified team.


Dentistry In the News

A recent study performed in conjunction with the American Heart Association found that poor oral health can interfere with blood pressure control in people diagnosed with hypertension. Periodontal disease — a condition marked by gum infection, inflammation and tooth damage — appears to worsen blood pressure and interferes with prescribed treatments. This study reiterates the importance of good oral health in blood pressure control. A healthy mouth can help prevent the adverse effects known to occur from untreated high blood pressure.

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