Sleep can be a glorious thing. However, while you’re off in dream land, bacteria is at work in your mouth. But don’t worry. You’ve got this! There are several ways that you can protect your oral health while you sleep. Let’s look at four ways to take full advantage of your bedtime routine to get your mouth ready!


Flossing is the first step to maintaining oral health while you sleep! Debris that stays on the teeth overnight creates bacteria that can feed off of itself. Left untreated, this bacteria can turn into plaque and then tartar. Stop it before it starts. Floss away food particles and plaque buildup before you go to bed – while everything is still soft. If you are particularly prone to gum issues or debris buildup, floss in the morning as well.


Next up, of course, is brushing. The shining star of dental care. Brushing works alongside flossing to protect your teeth against plaque buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease. All while you sleep. If you find yourself particularly prone to cavities or gum issues, double up! Brush your teeth immediately after dinner and again right before bedtime.


Finish up your bedtime oral care routine with a good rinse. Be sure to choose a mouthwash with ingredients that actually strengthen your teeth and contribute to your mouth’s overall health. Don’t be fooled by rinses that simply cover up bad breath (and don’t do much else). We can recommend some great options for you!

Take it to the next level

If you really want to be a superstar of bedtime oral health, consider investing in an electric toothbrush. The rotation and oscillation of the brush head helps to remove more plaque from the teeth than a regular toothbrush. Again, we can help make recommendations on the right one for you!

In addition to your at-home dental care, be sure to schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings. Preventative care is the way to go! To schedule an appointment with Link Dental Care, give us a call at 770-448-1977.